ABESEC ACM Student & Women Chapter

The Department of Information Technology has organized several events under ABESEC ACM W and ACM Student Chapter like Codeblitzz, Amazing Race, Technophilia, Tech-a-Tour etc. The participants got the certificate of participation and cash prizes for different events.

Sr. No Event Begin Date Venue Participant
1 ACM Student Chapter (Tech – A-Tour 2) 17th – 18th April 2018 ABESEC, Ghaziabad Students
2 ACM Student & W Chapter (Tech – A-Tour 3) 26th – 27 th October 2018 ABESEC, Ghaziabad Students
3. ACM Student (Tech Buzz) 31st Oct 2018 ABESEC, Ghaziabad Students
4. ACM Student Chapter (International workshop as Distinguish Speaker Program) 13th March 2018 ABESEC, Ghaziabad Students
5. ACM Student & W Chapter (Workshop -Amateur Radio Communications & Computing in Educational Environments ) 14 th – 15 th September, 2016 ABESEC, Ghaziabad Faculty and Students

International workshop as DSP (Distinguish Speaker Program)

Department of Information Technology hosted DSP under the banner of ABES ACM Student Chapter. Mr. Robert P. Schumaker, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Tyler, delivered two sessions:

1. Evaluating Sentiment in Financial News Articles

2. Prediction from Regional Angst – A Study of NFL Sentiment in Twitter Using Stock Market Charting.

ACM Annual Event cum ACM-W Celebration

The Department of Information Technology organized ACM Annual event cum ACM-W Celebration, held on 26-28th October, 2017 under ABESEC ACM Student Chapter and ABESEC ACM-W Chapter. This event promotes and celebrates the presence of women in the field of computing. Several eminent women speakers were invited to give their views and for panel discussion.

ABES ACM Chapter team with guest Ms. Sonica Thakral, at ABES ACM Annual Event
Interaction with students during ABES ACM Chapter Annual Event
ABES ACM W Chapter team with guest Ms. Sonica Thakral, at ABES ACM Chapter Annual Event
Keynotes by Ms. Irfan Begum, at ABES ACM Chapter Annual Event

Visit the link http://acm.abes.ac.in/ for further details

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