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Research Papers


  • Dr. Kanika Gupta, Ms. Nandita Goyal and Mr.Harsh Khatter published the paper titled “OPTIMAL REDUCTION OF NOISE IN IMAGE PROCESSING USING COLLABORATIVE INPAINTING FILTERING WITH PILLAR K-MEAN CLUSTERING” in Imaging Science Journal by Taylor and Francis group, 2019, Print ISSN:1368-2199,Online ISSN:1743-131X.


  • Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Mr. Ashwin Perti and Ayushi Srivastava published the paper titled, “NOVEL IDEA FOR REAL-TIME HEALTH MONITORING USING WEARABLE DEVICES”, in Big Data Analytics. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 654. Springer, Singapore, Big Data Analytics pp 305-317, 2018, Online ISBN: 978-981-10-6620-7, Print ISBN978-981-10-6619-1.

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