TEQIP-III FDP on Outcome Based Education-Teaching, Learning & Evaluation - ABES ENGINEERING COLLEGE

TEQIP-III FDP on Outcome Based Education-Teaching, Learning & Evaluation

  • Date & Time:
    • June 18, 2018
    • 18 to 22 June 2018
  • Venue:

    MDP Hall, First Floor, Raman Block

Faculty Development Program (FDP)

Outcome Based Education: Teaching, Learning & Evaluation

Department of ME, ABES Engineering College is conducting 5-days FDP on Outcome Based Education: Teaching, Learning & Evaluation from 18th June-22nd June, 2018. The program is fully sponsored by Dr. APJ AKTU under TEQIP-III. NBA (National Board of Accreditation) has introduced a new process, parameters and criteria for accreditation which increasingly make it mandatory for all engineering programs to implement Outcome Based Education (OBE).  Our present teaching learning processes are geared towards old Input-based model rather than new Outcomes-based model. There is an urgent need of changing our instructional methods for effective delivery of OBE. Main objective of this FDP is to educate the young as well as senior faculty members on how to reorient their teaching learning processes to implement Outcome Based Education (OBE) in both letter and spirit. Articulation of course outcomes for a particular course, various direct and indirect assessment techniques and their evaluation will be covered in detail in this FDP

The major topics in the FDP are philosophy of OBE, Blooms taxonomy, Teaching pedagogy, Course outcome preparation, assessment and attainment, assurance of learning & outcomes and their practical session and assessments, implementation of OBE in curriculum development, OBE-SAR preparation for accreditation, learning outcomes through case study, Automation of OBE/NBA process using software and continuous improvement

This program was inaugurated by our Keynote Speaker, Dr. K.K. Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of K. R. Mangalam University, Gurugram. In his augural speech, he emphasized the importance of OBE in current academic standing where institutions are just focused in curriculum or in checklist paperwork to get the NBA accreditation rather than focus on real understanding of core subject conceptually. He gave direction and guidance to participants (faculties) on how we can inculcate OBE in our academics to make students more conceptual in thinking and understanding rather just stick to curriculum for scores.

In this event, Dr. A.K. Tandon, Founder and Director of BPIT, Delhi was our key motivational speaker who reflected NBA accreditation process where OBE plays a vital role in selection. ABES Director Prof. Gajendra Singh also talked through Blooms Taxonomy and its relevance to OBE.


Inauguration ceremony was attended and participated by head of the ME Department and Convener Dr. R.K. Shukla, Program Coordinator Dr. Ashish Malik along with program organizing committee members Mr. N.P. Singh, Mr. Manish Mangal, Mr. Ankur Dixit, Ms. Monika Chauhan, Mr. Saurabh Awasthi, Mr. S.P.Singh and many other faculty members from ME and other departments.


1.Director with Key note speaker- Dr. A.K.Tandon, Dr. R.K.Shukla and Mr. Ankur Dixit are lighting the lamp.

2.Chief Guest- Prof. K.K. Aggarwal is receiving token of our gratitude as sapling from ABESEC HOD- Civil, Dr. D.K. Sharma.

3.Director Prof. Gajender Singh is giving a talk on Blooms Taxonomy.


4.Dr. A.K. Tandon giving a lecture on Philosphy of OBE to FDP Participants.

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